Hydrophobia is the first game developed using Dark Energy's revolutionary HydroEngineTM technology - the world's first true fluid dynamics engine for games. This jaw dropping technology models flowing water which behaves completely realistically, resulting in the most dynamic and dramatic gameplay you've ever seen.

"HydrophobiaTM" is set in the near future when the world has become massively over-populated, and takes place onboard the "Queen of the World", a city sized ship which tours the globe and is home to the wealthy elite. An epic backstory reveals the rise of Malthusian politics as all eyes look to NanoCell, one of the Founding Fathers of the great vessel, who has vowed to develop the technology which will feed the burgeoning human population.

As systems engineer Kate Wilson, you must use every tool at your disposal to survive and escape the flooding lower decks of the great vessel. The game features:

  • Unique "flow combat" delivers incredible emergent gameplay unlike anything you have experienced before
  • Unleash the flow to wipe out enemies
  • Combine floating oil fires, electricity and HydroEngine water to devastating effect
  • Engage the enemy above and below the waves seamlessly
  • Unlock the power to manipulate water itself
  • Utilise Kate's flexy-screen MAVI (Mobile Automated Visual Interface) to outwit the dynamic AI

"HydrophobiaTM" has been developed using Dark Energy Digital's own InfiniteWorldsTM game creation system, which uses bespoke procedural technology. This allows for a AAA retail quality experience for a tiny fraction of the usual file size, pushing back the boundaries for downloadable games.

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