Hydrophobia 2
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Developer(s) Dark Energy Digital
Publisher(s) Dark Energy Digital
Series Hydrophobia Series
Engine Hydro Engine
Platform(s) Cancelled (Most likely Xbox 360, PS3, PC)
Release date(s) Cancelled
Genre(s) Survival Horror
Mode(s) Single-player
Ratings Unknown
System requirements Unknown

Hydrophobia 2 is cancelled


The game was confirmed on the dark energy blog (Now Defunct) to be in development. 2 different versions had been reported to be in development:

1. A direct follow up to the PS3 and PC reworked version, "Prophecy"

2. A direct follow up to the original 360 version

The reason for 2 versions was because the ending of both versions were drastically different. In the original version (360), kate ends the game with another character in a cliff hanger after a room is flooded. In the reworked version (PS3,PC), Kate ends the game in a cliff hanger with her seemingly dying after defeating the final boss. 

The game was cancelled after Dark Energy Digital was closed down. The IP, as well as the game engine, was confirmed to have been purchased by THQ in summer 2012. On the Xbox 360, Steam and PS3 stores, the game was removed temporarily, before being readded with a lower price tag (4.99 Steam, 2.99 PS3/360), as well as a new publisher, Cherry Pop Games (An indie publishing label owned by THQ).

The game was to be developed for PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows, and was stated to be released in Summer 2012, but the company ceased operations and sold the trademark and engine in Summer 2012. The company who purchased the IP, THQ, ceased operation in January 2013, and Dark Energy Digital's IP's were reported to have not been sold, leaving the franchise "Shelved Permanently".